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Recent Network Content

Call for Submissions: Neil Sutherland Prize for the Bet Scholarly Article Published on the History of Children and Youth

Call for Submissions: Neil Sutherland Prize for the Best Scholarly Article published on the History of Children and Youth. Purpose: This award honours the pioneering work of Neil Sutherland in the history of children and youth by recognizing outstanding and innovative contributions to the field.

"Blueprint for a Better World": Teenage Political Education in Seventeen Magazine, 1944-1950

The latest installment of American Childhoods on H-Amsdy is the first in a three part series tracing the history of teen girls' engagement in politics though Seventeen magazine from 1944 to 1970.

"Must Reads of Children's History" in collaboration with the Children's History Society UK

A recent initiative in collaboration with the Children's History Society UK has seen the first steps towards a list of the "Must Reads of Children's History". 

We have a tentative early list, made possible through the generous contributions of a number of children's historians in the UK, Australia and America, and are now sourcing further advice and help from other scholars in the field. 

Kids' Stuff in Contemporary Horror Films

The latest installment of American Childhoods presents a romp though childhood in horror films just in time for Halloween. In Kids Stuff in Contemporary Horror Films, horror scholar Karen Renner wonders why toys are so often so scary, and suggests the answer may lie in Freud's theory of the uncanny and show a haunted, rather than a cherished, view of childhood and the past. 

Last Minute Search fo Co-Panelist for UK Children's History Society (Deadline Nov. 1)

Hello -

I am making a last minute effort to form a panel for the Children's History Society conference at the University of Greenwich in June 2018.  Theme of the Conference is Children and Youth on the Move.  My paper would be on Greek adolescents and young adults in the 1950s who were relinquished for adoption by their parents in Greece, and then adopted by Aunts and Uncles in the US as a way to facilitate migration to the US.  I'm looking for other schoalrs treating adoption as migration, or exploring other modes of child migration esp. in the immediate aftermath of WWII.

Call for 1-2 panelists for global youth mobilities panel at "Children and Youth on the Move" Conference--London, June 21-23, 2018


Looking for 1-2 panelists for "Children and Youth on the Move" conference, convened by the Children's History Society, which will take place at the University of Greenwich, London, June 21-23 2018 (htt