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CfP: International Workshop on The Politics of Family Secrecy

International Workshop at University of Copenhagen, April 23 – 24, 2020 
Call for Papers
Illegitimate children, adoption, queer sexuality, mental illness, incest, family violence, treason, venereal disease, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide… Every family has a skeleton in the closet or so the saying goes.

Historical Studies in Education / Revue d'histoire de l'éducation - The Spring 2019 issue is now online! Le numéro de printemps 2019 est disponible!

Editors: Penney Clark and Mona Gleason, The University of British Columbia

Contents / Table des matières - Spring / printemps 2019


A Middle Class Farming Family Negotiates “the Rural School Problem” in Interwar Australia | Kay Whitehead

Bringing Education to the Wilderness: Teachers and Schools in the Rural Communities of British Columbia, 1936–45 | Helen Raptis

Re: Names children invent for places that matter to them

Dear Jeremy,

I am glad the points I raised in my last comment were of interest for your work.

The Nelson Brothers collection is totally worth a visit to Amherst College, when you can. The breadth of material these boys created around their imaginary play world is both exemplary and, I am sure, common to a wider number of children than we know about -- records lost to time and to archival practices that have a marked preference for records/evidence/documents produced by adults.