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Query re Senior Scholastic

I'm looking for some background information on a journal for highschoolers -- Senior Scholastic.  I know it was being published in the 1940s and still published in the 1970s.  Anyone know of a source for encyclopedia-type info that can be used to situate articles from this publication?

CFP: C19 2020 Panel, "Childhood Studies and Disability Studies: Charting Confluences" (Aug. 22)

Childhood Studies and Disability Studies: Charting Confluences

This panel seeks to interrogate the intersection between disability studies and critical childhood studies in the long nineteenth century. The emergence of figures of disability in the nineteenth century coincides with new conceptions of childhood. Socially constructed and coded through developmental  models, these social formations are intimately related.

CfP: International Workshop on The Politics of Family Secrecy

International Workshop at University of Copenhagen, April 23 – 24, 2020 
Call for Papers
Illegitimate children, adoption, queer sexuality, mental illness, incest, family violence, treason, venereal disease, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide… Every family has a skeleton in the closet or so the saying goes.

Historical Studies in Education / Revue d'histoire de l'éducation - The Spring 2019 issue is now online! Le numéro de printemps 2019 est disponible!

Editors: Penney Clark and Mona Gleason, The University of British Columbia

Contents / Table des matières - Spring / printemps 2019


A Middle Class Farming Family Negotiates “the Rural School Problem” in Interwar Australia | Kay Whitehead

Bringing Education to the Wilderness: Teachers and Schools in the Rural Communities of British Columbia, 1936–45 | Helen Raptis