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Query: Instruction on Christian Democracy, 1902

I have seen many references to Cardinal Rampolla's Instruction on Christian Democracy from 1902, but I can't find the text.  I understand it was issued via the Congregation of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs.  Could anyone direct me to a published version of it? I would prefer an English version, but could also read one in Spanish or Italian.

Thank you.

Lisa Edwards

Call For Papers: Performing piety: Scenes from the Restoration of the Catholic Landscape in the Habsburg Netherlands, 1600-1620 (RSA, Berlin, March 2015)

In the second half of the sixteenth century Protestantism was surging throughout Europe. A struggle over sites, structures and artifacts followed, ensued by a vigorous policy to restore Catholicism. When Isabella was appointed sovereign of the Netherlands in 1598, she encountered territories completely exhausted by years of civil war, famine and plague. All over the country, the religious infrastructure was severely damaged and the people were disillusioned with governmental rule. These newly-minted rulers were committed to the restoration of the Catholic landscape.

Notification of Publication: TOC: Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society, Volume 41 - Issue 01

The current issue of "Horizons" may be of interest to some subscribers of H-Catholic. Please click on the following to view article abstracts:

Horizons    Volume 41 - Issue 01 - June 2014



Call for Papers and Participants, Renaissance Society of America Conference, Berlin, March 2015


I am looking for one person to complete a panel on Renaissance/Enlightenment connections and continuities for the Renaissance Society of America Conference in Berlin in March 2015.  Please contact me at kcomerfo@georgiasouthern.edu by Friday, June 6, if you are interested in participating in this panel.

Thank you.


Kathleen Comerford