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Holiday, Festival, and Celebration editors and contributors sought

H-Net is starting a new network on the study of holidays, festivals and festivity, and celebrations. The broad scope will encompass festivals representing a range of emotional stripes, from holiday celebrations to festivals of memorialization, protest marches, local and regional commemorations, historic reenactments, and on and on. The network will be multi-disciplinary and international in scope and will make full use of H-Net’s platform and position as an online, open access publisher. 

CFP: U.S. Catholic Historian theme issue on Athletics

U.S. Catholic Historian

Future Issue: 


For thirty-five years the U.S. Catholic Historian has published theme-based issues relevant to the history of American Catholicism.  An upcoming issue will address the theme of athletics. Contributions could include, but are not limited to, studies of the following:

REMINDER CFP: Jimmy Carter and the ‘Year of the Evangelicals’ Reconsidered

REMINDER that the deadline for proposals is approaching.

Keynote addresses by Randall Balmer, Dartmouth College, and Kenneth Woodward, former religion editor for Newsweek magazine.


CFP  Jimmy Carter and the ‘Year of the Evangelicals’ Reconsidered

April 6-8, 2017

New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Saint Anselm College

Manchester, New Hampshire



Linna Bresette Tended the Fields of Social Justice

Kansas native Linna Bresette was a workers' advocate for minorities and women, working for the Bishops' Social Action Department as their field secretary, 1921-1951. While there she did a landmark 1928 study on Mexican workers in the U.S. For more, please see


W. J. Shepherd - http://libraries.cua.edu/staff/shepherw/