H-Caribbean is an H-Net network sponsored by the Association of Caribbean Historians. This network seeks to overcome the linguistic, political, and geographic fragmentation that has traditionally characterized the field and region; provide access to debates and discussions on Caribbean studies; act as a resource to academics teaching and researching in associated fields; and reinforce the growing awareness of the region as an important and rich area for further research and study.

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CfP - Modern Political Culture in the Caribbean

In our 2003 book Modern Political Culture in the Caribbean (University of the West Indies Press) Fred Reno and I argued – along with various contributors – that political culture in the Caribbean was circumscribed by “a great complexity of social relations and the influence of such variables as race, ethnicity, migration and multi-faceted dependency (for example, of institutional mimicry, strategies of reproduction of metropolitan model by local elites, socio-economic conditions, popular culture) on politics.”  In this reader we then asked questions such as “What role do race, hist

TOC: E.I.A.L - Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe Vol 29, No 1


Who Killed the Mexican Film Industry? The Decline of the Golden Age, 1946-1960
Andrew Paxman

Estado, política y vivienda entre dos peronismos: los grandes conjuntos habitacionales y las acciones en villas miseria en Buenos Aires, 1946-1976
Anahí Ballent

CFP: Monarchy and Modernity since 1500, University of Cambridge, 8-9 January 2019

The conference announced on the cfp below was originally designed for Europeanists, but was opened up to all world areas following multiple requests by non-Europeanists to participate. The cfp has therefore been revised and the deadline extended to August 15, 2018.