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Borealia: A House in New Orleans: The Le Moyne Family of New France and the Foundation of the Crescent City

Recently at Borealia, Michael J. Davis wrote about how one family with roots in New France, as well as imperial politics, shaped the early history of New Orleans--this year celebrating its tercentennial. Here’s a taste of the essay: 

“Indian-Hating” & “Massive Injustice of the Most Profound Kind”: Jury Colonialism Experienced by Indigenous People from Miserable Man (Kit-Ahwah-Ke-Ni), 1885 to Colton Boushie, 2018

Recent trending news in Canadian media surrounding the not guilty verdict (& specifically the means by which it was reached) in the Gerald Stanley second-degree murder trial occasioned by the shooting death of a young Indigenous man Colton Boushie stimulated the creation of the above titled essay.

Appel: Famille et justice dans les archives: Perspectives transnationales sur les histoires de l’intimité


Famille et justice dans les archives : Perspectives transnationales sur les histoires de l’intimité

Université Concordia, Montréal, Québec, Canada

6 et 7 mai 2019