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CFP: Cultivated Pasts: Commemoration, History-Making, and Landscapes of Memory in Western Canada

Compared to Atlantic and central Canada, western Canada remains a historiographical hinterland in the field of historical study that examines how public perceptions of the past have been shaped and reshaped over time. Dramatic and seemingly timeless natural environments have been more central to the region’s iconography than ideas about human history – they have been staples of its art and literature, and grist for the mill of boosters and tourism promoters. Even common notions of western Canada as a kind of “frontier” are intertwined with ideas about land.


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The New Issue of the Canadian Bulletin of Medical History/Bulletin canadiene d'histoire de la médecine is Now Online!

The Canadian Bulletin of Medical History/Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la médecine is very excited to announce the online publication of Vol. 33 Issue 2, a special issue entitled “Probing the Limits of Method in the Neurosciences”: