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Less Than One Month Left To Apply: Library Company of Philadelphia Post-Doctoral Fellowships

National Endowment for the Humanities Post-Doctoral Fellowships support research in residence at the Library Company on any subject relevant to its collections, which are capable of supporting research in a variety of fields and disciplines relating to the history of America and the Atlantic world from the 17th through the 19th centuries.

Call for Papers: 42nd Annual EBHS Conference, Oklahoma City, May 25-27, 2017

Call for Papers
42nd Annual Economic and Business History Conference
Oklahoma City, OK
May 25-27, 2017

The Economic and Business History Society (EBHS) is now accepting proposals for our 42nd Annual Conference, to be held at the historic Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Proposals for presentations on any aspect of ancient to recent economic or business history are welcome, as are proposals for whole panels. We welcome submissions from graduate students and non-academic affiliates.

Call for sponsored panels and papers for Canadian Historical Association (CHA) Ryerson, May 29-31, 2017

The Canadian Business History Association - l'Association canadienne pour l'histoire des affaires (CBHA/ACHA) (formerly known as the Business History Group) is an affiliated committee of the Canadian Historical Association. In this capacity the CBHA/ACHA is looking to sponsor panels for the upcoming Canadian Historical Association (CHA) Annual meeting May 29-31, 2017, at Ryerson University in Toronto. (Each affiliated committee of the CHA has a reserved spot for one sponsored panel.

Agricultural History Society Call for Award Nominations

The Agricultural History Society seeks nominations for its publication awards through December 31, 2016. To nominate a book, article, or dissertation with a 2016 publication date, please follow the directions below. If you have a question, please email executive secretary Jim Giesen (JGiesen@history.msstate.edu).