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2015-16 Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society

Scholars who are no more than three years beyond receipt of the doctorate are invited to apply for the 2015-16 Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship, a year-long residential fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. The purpose of the post-dissertation fellowship is to provide the recipient with time and resources to extend research and/or to revise the dissertation for publication. Any topic relevant to the Society's library collections and programmatic scope, and coming from any field or disciplinary background, is eligible.

CFP: Productive Bodies. Towards a Body and Material History of the Modern Economic (17th-20th centuries)

Ed. Peter-Paul Bänziger and Marcel Streng

on behalf of the Arbeitskreis für Körpergeschichte

The projected peer reviewed edited volume addresses a variety of questions at the intersection of economic, material, and body history. Drawing on new research in these fields, it aims at highlighting the material dimension of economic processes (1) and reassessing the emergence of productive bodies since the 17th century (2).