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Conference: Monetary Unions in History (1 July)

Monetary unions in history

a financial history conference

1 July 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria

eabh in cooperation with the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)

This conference will discuss the phenomenon of currency unions in a global historical context with a special focus on the challenges brought about by trends of isolationism and confrontation.

Grant: Hagley Oral History Grant (Deadlines 1 June and 1 December)

The Oral History Office of the Hagley Library invites applications for oral history project support. The interviews generated by these projects will become part of the collection of the Hagley Library, which guarantees the permanent preservation of and access to oral histories associated with any funded project.

Survey: Business History Conference Digital Presence Survey (Deadline 27 May)

The Digital Strategy Project of the Business History Conference seeks to review the organization's current digital practices and digital communications to establish a plan for the future that corresponds with its members’ expectations and other strategies in practice by similar scholarly groups.