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Re: QUERY> Passages on whether the guardians/wardens of hell are real or not

Dear Peter,

John Taber and myself summarized the discussion in Vasubandhu's Viṃśikā in our 2014 article "Studies in Yogācāra-Vijñānavāda idealism I: The interpretation of Vasubandhu’s Viṃśikā" (Asiatische Studien 68, download available at https://www.zora.uzh.ch/id/eprint/110396/), pp. 738-740.

Re: QUERY> Passages on whether the guardians/wardens of hell are real or not

Dear Peter,

I also don't have my copy of La Vallée Poussin handy, but Bodhicaryāvatāra 7.5-8ab comes to mind:

śastrāṇi kena narake ghaṭitāni prayatnataḥ |
taptāyaḥkuṭṭimaṃ kena kuto jātāś ca tāḥ striyaḥ ||7||
pāpacittasamudbhūtaṃ tattatsarvaṃ jagau muniḥ |

The discussion is continued in Tibet, probably with numerous statements.

Best wishes,


Jan-Ulrich Sobisch
CERES, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Re: QUERY> On the term 阿傍

Dear Jonathan and Michael,

Lesson 1: Don't post when jet-lagged.

There is a certain irony on being called out for lack of attention to the authenticity of supposed translations, since that has been one of the things I have been critical of the field for its naive acceptance of traditional attributions that get repeated uncritically in commonly used secondary and reference literature. Thanks for calling me out on this. That shows the field is improving. Jonathan, you are right, we should do better. I usually try harder.

Re: QUERY> On the term 阿傍

Dear Colleagues,

阿傍 is a name of a ghost, servant of Bull Head (Gośīrṣa 牛头), per the following examples:
1) 《五苦章句经》http://tripitaka.cbeta.org/zh-cn/T17n0741_001
2) 《铁城泥犁经》 http://tripitaka.cbeta.org/zh-cn/T01n0042_001