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Establishment of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies on Buddhism (CEIB) in Paris

At a time when the challenges of religions are again being recognized as crucial in comprehending major global events, the research arm of INALCO on the rue de Lille, Paris, welcomes a completely new federated research center, the CEIB (Centre d’études interdisciplinaires sur le bouddhisme). This new center was created as a joint project by INALCO (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales), EPHE (École pratique des hautes études) and the Collège de France.

INQUIRY: contact information needed for Ama Michihiro

Dear Colleagues, Does anyone know how to contact Ama Michihiro? We need to have his release for use of an essay in a publication, and cannot get in touch with him or find a current email, phone #, or address.

Thanks in advance, please feel free to reply off list to: Richard Payne <rkpayne1@mac.com> and Georgios Halkias <georgios.halkias@gmail.com>



Re: RESOURCE> Bucknell’s Sanskrit grammar tables for digital platforms

Dear Colleagues,
our apologies, the announcement posted yesterday was premature, being the result of a miscommunication, and should be disregarded. It will still take some time before the digitised tables are ready to be released. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
With kind regards,