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MISC> Disaster relief in Nepal

As many of us on H-Buddhism have lived, studied or taught in Nepal, or have friends, students, teachers and assiociates there, it is appropriate that basic information concerning disaster relief be available to students and scholars of Buddhism. The Rubin Museum of Art, New York, has posted a useful list of NGOs, Charities, and Relief Organizations that are active in Nepal and are well reputed. The links will bring you to the sites of the organizations in question, which provide information regarding their knowledge of events and ways in which the concerned public can contribute:

Re: QUERY> Help finding a book - Hla Maung. My Early Monastic Education.

Dear Justin,
If you contact me off list (turnera@yorku.ca) I can help you get the book and related sources. My guess is that this is either an unpublished thesis or locally published article from Yangon. I will also connect you with other people working on the topic. If we cannot find the source you might want to post the request to the Burma Studies list.
All best,

Summer Program> Summer Sanskrit Language Intensives at CBS in Kathmandu, June 10 - August 8

Dear List Members,
Summer Sanskrit is once again being offered at Kathmandu University - Centre for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute. After offering Beginning Sanskrit for seven years, we are happy to announce the addition of an Intermediate-level Sanskrit course this summer.