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Re: QUERY> Tibetan Scholarship on the Ghanavyūha-nāma-mahāyāna-sūtra (Newman)

A footnote to Matthew Kapstein's references to Tibetan reception of the Ghanavyuha: If memory serves (I am traveling and don't have access to any sources or my notes), in his annotations to the Vimalaprabha, Bu ston Rin chen grub identifies the rGyan stug po bkod pa as the source of the famous verse on the threefold criteria (alluding to the three types of objects of knowledge and their three pramanas) for buddhavacana:

JOB> University of Hamburg, Professorship in Japanese Buddhism (Zimmerman)

The School of Humanities invites applications for a
CHAIR) commencing on 1 October 2014,
Ref.code 2202/W2

Applicants are expected to have international research experience as well as a successful track record in acquiring external funding and carrying out externally funded projects. The University places particular emphasis on the quality of teaching and therefore requests that applicants provide details of their teaching experience and objectives.

For details, see