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Bibliographical Sources for Buddhist Studies from the Viewpoint of Buddhist Philology

Dear Colleagues,
The latest version (1.4) of the “Bibliographical Sources for Buddhist Studies from the Viewpoint of Buddhist Philology” is now available. Over 150 entries are newly added.
Address of the website: https://icabs.repo.nii.ac.jp/
Yasuhiro Sueki
Chief Librarian
International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies Library (ICPBS Library)
2-8-9 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003, Japan
Phone: 03-5981-5277 Fax: 03-5981-5284

H-Buddhism Zotero Bibliography Update: Buddhism and Animals

Scott Hurley's student, Matthew Sullivan, has recently added a "Buddhism and Animals" section to the H-Buddhism Zotero bibliography. Thank you Matthew!

These entries can be seen at:




Ven. Ananda's arhant-hood and further questions

Dear Friends:

Greetings. I would like to request all/any of your opinion in this following question:

When the First Buddhist Council took place Ven. Ananda, first, was not admitted in the Council Hall, for, he was not an arhant, as the arhant-hood was, it seems, the qualification to be admitted at. Now why was the arhant-hood was very important- to know the Dharma by heart as Ven. Ananda seems to have had (and as the Vinaya in Ven. Upali's case),  necessary?

requests for contact details please

Dear Colleagues,

I wonder, please, if someone could please provide me with a contact email for each of the following scholars (offlist); or if those scholars who are members of this list could please email me (michael.radich@vuw.ac.nz).

Klaus Oetke

Jargal Ulzii

Jens Wilkens

Suzuki Takayasu 鈴木隆泰

Catherine Ludvik

Hamano Tetsunori 浜野哲敬

Kimura Kiyotaka 木村清孝

Thank you in advance,


Michael Radich (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)