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QUERY> Distinction between "Grasping" and "Granting" koans in Chan? (Van Overmeire)

Dear Colleagues,
In his foreword to Florence Caplow and Susan Moon’s edited volume of koans The Hidden Lamp, Norman Fischer distinguishes between two types of koan. He calls the first of these the “grasping way.” In koans belonging to this subdivision, attaining insight comes only after a struggle with another Fischer characterizes this as “the way of the solitary hero” (xi).

RESOURCE> PDFs of BDK English Tripitika

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to inform you that after some hiatus, the PDFs of the BDK English Tripitika are now online again at http://www.bdk.or.jp/bdk/digitaldl.html.

The quality of these PDFs is not uniform, as some are recently-converted word processor files, while others are scans of older books. Henceforth BDK will be publishing all new releases in this format as well as book format.



QUERY> Calcutta-Bairat Rock Inscription list of recommended works (Justin Fifield)

Dear Colleagues,

Has there been any recent publications on the identity or nature of the Buddhist texts recommended by Asoka in his Calcutta-Bairat Rock Inscription (sometimes labelled as minor rock edict Nb3)?

I am aware of the publications listed by Hultzsch (Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum Vol. 1, 1925) in footnote no. 1 on pg. 174 (Oldenberg, Lévi, Neumann, Rhys Davids, Bloch, Smith, and Kosambi).

NEW BOOK> Buddhism and religious diversity by Rita M. Gross

i  would like to announce the publicaition of my new book, a work of Buddhist critical and constructive thought, Religiious Diversty--What's the Problem? Buddhist Advise for Flourishiing with Religious Diversity.  This book is published by Wipf and Stock Publishers and is available directly from the publisher for a 20 per cent discount (no code required). 

The table of contents is as follows:

  I: Getting Started

            1: The Book’s Vision, the Author’s Standpoint, and a Synopsis

NEW BOOK> A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism, ed. by Chen-kuo Lin and Michael Radich

Lin, Chen-kuo and Michael Radich, eds. A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press. ISBN 978-3-943423-19-8.

Publisher's web site