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CONFERENCE> Buddhism and East Asian Cultures: An Intensive Program of Lecture Series, Conference/Forum, and Fieldwork

The Buddhist Academy of China 中國佛學院, the Buddhist Academy of Shanghai 上海佛學院 (located within Shanghai’s Yufo chansi 玉佛禪寺), the Research Center for Buddhist Texts and Arts at Peking University 北京大學佛教典籍與藝術研究中心, and the Buddhist Studies Forum at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada cordially invite applications for a 12-day (August 2-13, 2015) program of lecture series, conference/forum, and fieldwork on Buddhism and East Asian Cultures at the Buddhist Academy of

CONFERENCE> More Bonds than Boundaries: The Diverse Roles and Functions of East Asian Temples and Shrines (Chen)

More Bonds than Boundaries: The Diverse Roles and Functions of East Asian Temples and Shrines


Dates: August 3-4, 2015;

Co-sponsors: the Center for the Research on Buddhist Texts and Arts at Peking University 北京大學佛教典籍與藝術研究中心, UBC’s Buddhist Studies Forum

Host: The Buddhist Academy of Shanghai



JOURNAL> Vol. 42.2 (2014) of the Journal of Chinese Religions

Volume 42.2 (2014) of the Journal of Chinese Religions is now available in print, and online at http://www.maneyonline.com/loi/jcr. It contains two research articles and seventeen book reviews.

Research Articles:
"Healing Breaths and Rotting Bones: On the Relationship between Buddhist and Chinese Meditation Practices during the Eastern Han and Three Kingdoms Period," by Eric M. Greene

"Spirits and the Soul in Confucian Ritual Discourse," by Thomas Wilson

SUMMER PROGRAM> Summer Language Intensive in Sanskrit at Mangalam Research Center, Berkeley

For the fourth year in a row, Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages is offering an 8-week intensive program in Sanskrit. The program is designed to prepare students to enroll in a second-year course in Sanskrit.

The program will be held at Mangalam Research Center from June 22­–August 14. The course meets 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. There will be substantial opportunities for drill, a careful review of grammar, and an introduction to reading texts. Students should be prepared for full-time study in order to benefit from the program.