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CFP> Graduate Student Conference (University of Toronto): 'Divine Maps, Sacred Stories: Cartography and History in Religious Imaginations'

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Divine Maps, Sacred Stories: 

Cartography and History in Religious Imaginations


A Graduate Student Symposium

Department for the Study of Religion 

The University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario


Keynote speakers:

Tisa Wenger, Yale Divinity School

Pamela Klassen, University of Toronto

April 16-17, 2015


TOC> Bulletin of the Asia Institute 24

H-Buddhism colleagues,

Carol Bromberg, the editor of the Bulletin of the Asia Institute, has hasked me to announce the contents of this recent publication, which includes articles relevant to Central Asian and  Gandharan Buddhism

Thank you,

Jason Neelis

Wilfrid Laurier UNiversity

Bulletin of the Asia Institute 24 (December 2014)

David Stronach, Solomon at Pasargadae: Some New Perspectives

NEW BOOK> ASEAN Religious Pluralism The Challenges of Building Socio-Cultural Community



The  Challenges of Building Socio-Cultural Community

Edited by

Imtiyaz Yusuf

Bangkok -2014


Introduction – Imtiyaz Yusuf

Keynote Address - ASEAN Religious Pluralism: The Challenge of Building a Socio-Cultural Community

Surin Pitsuwan

The Buddhist Attitude to Religious Pluralism

Pinit  Ratanakul

Religious Pluralism and The Qur’an

Mahmoud Ayoub