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Re: CALL FOR DATA> Vectorization Analysis of Taishō (Fritz Kemler)

Iyanaga-sensei and Dr. Kemler,

As much as I hate to respond with tangential information, I'm sure this could be rather useful to some. In my travels across the internet, I did come across an online Daozang which seems quite similar to the SAT Daizokyo database in structure and format, though without as many side functions. I have not used this online Daozang much at all, so I don't know exactly what its limits are, but it does seem to contain—at the very least—a fully searchable Zhengtong Daozang.

Re: QUERY> Purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre, Hong Kong

Dear Colleagues,

I have the same issue with purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre, which Dr. Birgit Kellner mentioned.

I'm looking forward to any possible advice on how to purchase books from them (especially K. Crosby's ones).

With kindest regards,
Gleb Nekrasov

Re: QUERY> Purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre, Hong Kong

Dear Prof Kellner,

Last year I personally purchased this book from Prof Dhammajoti who is the Chair of the Centre. Publications can also be ordered from Yvonne Lee who as at May 2014 was the Admin Assistant for the Centre - ywleeclover(at)hotmail.com

I have also seen copies of the publication for sale at some of the outlets of the Buddhist Philosophy Bookstore in HK: www.buddhist-bookshop.com

I hope that helps!

Kind regards,
Antonio Ferreira-Jardim
Brisbane, Queensland