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Re: QUERY> Tantra "Fourfold Classification" (Ulrich Timme Kragh)

J. Elacqua wrote:
>I am presently looking at the classic "fourfold classification" scheme of Buddhist Tantras (i.e. kriya, carya, yoga, >and yoganiruttara [formerly annutarayoga]), especially in terms of its origins.

See the article "A Crisis of Doxography" by Jacob Dalton available for PDF download here:

Best, Tim

Dr. Ulrich Timme Kragh
Endeavour Research Fellow
Australian National University, Canberra

COURSE> Elementary Pali to be offered at Harvard Divinity School in the Summer of 2015 (Charles Hallisey)

Harvard Divinity School will offer Elementary Pali as one of its offerings in its Summer Language Program in the Summer of 2015.


More information on the Summer Language Program, including admission information and tuition fees, can be found at this website: