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Re: QUERY> Purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre, Hong Kong

Dear All,

I am having the same problem. I would appreciate it if any replies were posted on H-net (rather than only sent privately) for those of us also wishing to purchase this title.

Thank you,
Dr. Natalie Quli
Research Fellow
Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, CA

Re: QUERY> Purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre, Hong Kong

When writing my review for the Journal of Global Buddhism I contacted the publishers who said that at present people have to write directly to them to order the book. I gather there are plans for an international distributor but evidently they have yet to bear fruit.

The reply I got was from Alfredo So , so that's the path I'd try first. (Their website says to contact the Hon Sec using the form at http://buddhadharma.co/contact but I think it may be the same person.)


Laurence Cox

QUERY: Purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre, Hong Kong

Dear colleagues,

our library is having difficulties purchasing books from the Buddha-Dharma Centre Hong Kong (http://buddhadharma.co), in particular, Kate Crosby's "Traditional Theravada Meditation and its Modern-Era Suppression" (2013).

Has anyone successfuly purchased this publication, and could offer us advice?

Thank you very much in advance, and best regards,

Birgit Kellner

Re: CALL FOR DATA> Vectorization Analysis of Taishō (Fritz Kemler)

Thank you very much for your interest

The vectorization provides the means to measure similarity/distance between pairs of texts. The distance metric in turn provides the base for hierarchical clustering - grouping. Strong similarity might imply identical authorship or influencing.

This method could be used to confirm relationships established by traditional philological means. On the other hand unexpected clustering results could provide hints where to look next with conventional research.

CFP> SEECHAC Colloquium Heidelberg 16-18 November 2015: Deadline for abstracts approaching

Dear Colleagues,
the deadline for abstracts for the Fourth International SEECHAC
Colloquium (Heidelberg 16-18 Nov 2015) «Religious Revivals and Artistic
Renaissance in Central Asia and the Himalayan Region – past and
present» is approaching. I apologize for the noise if this message