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NEW BOOK> The Mahāparinirvāṇa-mahāsūtra and the Emergence of Tathāgatagarbha Doctrine by Michael Radich

Michael Radich. The Mahāparinirvāṇa-mahāsūtra and the Emergence of Tathāgatagarbha Doctrine. Hamburg Buddhist Studies 5. Edited by Michael Zimmermann. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press, 2015.

QUERY> Scholarship on the Three Marks of Existence

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for scholarly discussions on the "three marks of existence" (Sanskrit: trilaksana), written in English. I have mostly found only dictionary/encyclopedia entries or brief discussions of the topic in general works on Buddhist thought and practice. Has anyone come across more extensive philosophical scholarship on the topic, particularly on the place of the three marks of existence in Buddhist metaphysics and/or ethics?

Many thanks,

Saul Tobias

California State University, Fullerton