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CFP> 2 Symposia in Singapore: (1) Guanyin; (2) Buddhism and Wealth (Reeves)

From: Gene Reeves
Subject: CFP> 2 Symposia in Singapore: (1) Guanyin; (2) Buddhism and Wealth

Dear Colleagues,

 I will organize a small seminar on Guanyin to be held at Poh Ming Tse temple in Singapore on April 2 & 3, 2015, followed on the 4th and 5th by two symposia, one on Guanyin and the other on Buddhism and wealth. The symposia will be followed by a four day visit to Borobudur, the remains of the great 9th century Mahayana temple in central Java, Indonesia.

NEW BOOK> Glocal History of Korean Buddhism, by Kim Yong-tae

Glocal History of Korean Buddhism

by Kim Yong-tae


Published by Dongguk University Press


Homepage: http://www.dgpress.co.kr

E-mail: book@dongguk.edu


Published on May 15, 2014


Introduction I


The Establishment of Buddhism and Its Development in India  

 1. The Life of the Buddha and the World of Dharma 1

 2. From Nikāya Buddhism to Mahayana Buddhism 9

 3. The Major Philosophical Developments of Mahayana Buddhism 16