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ADMIN> Retiring Mailman (the editors)

Dear H-Buddhism Colleagues,

Most of you will recall that when we made the transition--along with the rest of H-Net-- from the Listserv platform to Drupal, we were deeply concerned about the possibility of severe damage being done to our network, which has been thriving for almost two decades. The Drupal platform, in addition to being something radically new and different from what most of us were used to working with, was unintuitive in format, buggy, in short, difficult to use.

SEMINAR> Kyoto Asian Studies Group meeting July 17th

Dear colleagues,

The speaker for the July meeting of the Kyoto Asian Studies Group is George Keyworth, who will present “Scriptures Copied for the Kami: A Preliminary Study of the Set of the Buddhist Canon from Matsuno’o Shrine, Kyoto, Japan” (see abstract below).

*Please note that the venue is Kyoto University, not Doshisha University*

The lecture will be held on Tuesday, July 14th from 6:00-8:00 in Room L132 (Daini kogishitsu) of the Kyoto University Faculty of Letters (see link below for access information).