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PETITION> ANU cuts John Powers' position, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies

Dear List-Members,

Prof. John Powers of the Australian National University (ANU) is effectively being made redundant, and we are writing to ask your support to have this decision reversed.

Prof. Powers has been at the ANU for over twenty years. Recently, against the advice of an expert panel, the ANU’s College of Asia and the Pacific decided to reformulate their teaching school, and in the process make over fifteen scholars redundant (or to use the ANU’s management-speak, to “transition” them).

LECTURE> Prof. Ashley Thompson Inaugural Lecture Available to View Online

The Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Ashley Thompson, Hiram W. Woodward Chair in Southeast Asian Art, took place at SOAS on 5 May.  The Lecture, together with the Introduction by Prof. Nora Taylor and Vote of Thanks by Prof. Penny Edwards, is now available to view online: