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Re: DISCUSSION> Ethics of Translation

Dear Dr. Kapstein,

Thank you for sharing this interesting piece. I am reminded somewhat of the phenomenon of non-Chinese speakers producing “translations” of the Daode jing (one of which is also published by the press in question), which Paul Goldin has written about:
Paul R. Goldin, “Those Who Don't Know Speak: Translations of the Daode jing by people who do not know Chinese,” Asian Philosophy 12, no. 3(2002), 183-195.

Re: QUERY> A New Chinese Buddhist Canon (Zhōnghuá dàzàng jīng xù biān 中华大藏经续编)

Dear Prof. Sharf,

Just to add a bit more information about the treatment of the Shinsan Zokuzōkyō 新纂續藏經. As far as I can tell, the "supplemental series" (续编) will not directly reproduce those Zokuzōkyō texts of which premodern prints can be found in China; at least the publisher's plan claims that variant readings will be provided in the apparatus (whether the apparatus is critical, I don't know). For those texts that can only be found in Japan, my guess is that probably they would only punctuate the texts.

Re: Shinjo Ito Postdoctoral Fellowship in Buddhist Studies - Berkeley Center for Buddhist Studies

My apologies, but there is an error in the announcement that went out about the Shinjo Ito Postdoctoral Fellowship in Buddhist Studies. The URL listed is incorrect. (It links to the wrong postdoc.) The correct URL for submitting online applications to the Shinjo Ito Fellowship is:
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Robert Sharf