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NEW BOOK> Nihon bukkyōshi (History of Japanese Buddhism), by Kenryō MINOWA

Published by Shunjusha
6/2015 ISBN:978-4-393-13801-4

2,400 yen




Table of Contents

NEW BOOK> The Science of Chinese Buddhism: Early Twentieth-Century Engagements

Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book:

The Science of Chinese Buddhism: Early Twentieth-Century Engagements (Sheng Yen Series in Chinese Buddhist Studies, Columbia University Press)

Hardcover ($50.00/ £34.50), 254 pages, ISBN: 9780231170345

E-book ( $49.99/ £34.50), ISBN: 9780231539586


From the Publisher's website:

QUERY> Info on new, English translation of Abhayakaragupta's Nispanna-yogavali

Dear colleagues,

I recenly became aware of this new publication on Abhayakaragupta's Nispanna-yogavali:


described as containing "Sanskrit text in Devanagari ... the Tibetan version in Tibetan script ... [and] English translation".

Is anyone able to offer any comments on the quality of the editions and translation?