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ONLINE EVENT > UKABS 2020 summer conference online: 2 July

Dear colleagues,
As many of you will know, we at UKABS sadly had to cancel our Manchester conference for July 2-3. However, we have decided to hold a summer conference online, as a one-day special event on July 2nd, where we will showcase brilliant postgraduate scholarship from institutions across the world.

Re: QUERY> 琉璃: lapis lazuli, beryl, or something else?

This is a wonderfully useful summary, thank you Bryan. I think it comes closest to shaping or informing consensus rather than finding what that (chimeric) consensus is. And this brings me to a related issue. May I humbly suggest that those who replied off-list consider doing so on-list in the future? In this case Bryan took the trouble to provide a complete overview with bibliography, but I was personally eager to see what other people's views were, and had it not been for that, I would not have known!