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CONFERENCE> Conference on Buddhist Manuscript Cultures, Princeton University, January 15-17, 2016, funding for Ph.D. students, registration

International Conference on Buddhist Manuscript Cultures, January 15-17, 2016

Sponsored by the Buddhist Studies Workshop, Princeton University

Ph.D. students from North American universities are especially invited to attend; subventions for their travel and lodging up to $500 per person are available for those who apply early. Please send a letter of interest to csrelig@princeton.edu by Dec. 1, 2015.

PUBLICATION> Yael Bentor, translation of "Clarifying The Meaning Of The Arga And Consecration Rituals," Chödung Karmo Translation Group

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Chödung Karmo Translation Group is very happy to announce its latest publication, Yael Bentor's bilingual edition/translation of Jetsün Dragpa Gyaltsen's "Clarifying The Meaning Of The Arga And Consecration Rituals".

Re: BIBLIO QUERY> On the Dharmaskandha

Dear Mattia,

Some resources:

1) The Dietz edition of the Gilgit MSS: https://rep.adw-goe.de/handle/11858/00-001S-0000-0023-9A0D-9

2) The Matsuda edition of further Gilgit MSS: Please email Prof Matsuda directly - matsuda (at) bukkyo-u dot ac dot jp

3) The UQ MA thesis on the DSk I will email to you separately as this list does not accept attachments.

Kind regards,
Antonio Ferreira-Jardim