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Recent Content

SUMMER PROGRAM> Summer Language Intensive in Sanskrit at Mangalam Research Center, Berkeley

For the fourth year in a row, Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages is offering an 8-week intensive program in Sanskrit. The program is designed to prepare students to enroll in a second-year course in Sanskrit.

The program will be held at Mangalam Research Center from June 22­–August 14. The course meets 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. There will be substantial opportunities for drill, a careful review of grammar, and an introduction to reading texts. Students should be prepared for full-time study in order to benefit from the program.

NEW BOOK> New Teaching Resource, The Anthology: Buddhists: Understanding Buddhism through the Lives of Practitioners (Lewis)


My edited volume, Buddhists: Understanding Buddhism through the Lives of Practitioners, provides biographies of Asian and  Western Buddhists, whose lives are representative of the ways in which Buddhists have embodied the tradition. This resource for course use and study presents Buddhism through the lived experience of thirty-three devotees and offers a unique entry points for students and scholars into the study of this tradition.

CALL FOR REVIEWERS> Books on Japanese Buddhism (Joskovich)

Dear Friends,

I am writing to encourage you to write reviews for H-Buddhism, particularly on recently published monographs related to Japanese Buddhism. Please contact me if you are interested in reviewing one of the books listed below. Additionally, if you have in mind any other books on Buddhism in Japan that you think to be worthy of review, please let me know.