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Re: QUERY> Passages on whether the guardians/wardens of hell are real or not

Dear Peter,

I don't have my copy of La Vallée Poussin handy, so I cannot consult the citations you allude to, but of course Vasubandhu seeks to demonstrate that hell's wardens are the projections of beings born in the hells and not real in his Viṃśikā vv. 4-7 and its commentary. Jonathan Silk's recent edition and translation (Harvard Oriental Series) details much of the previous work on this text, so there is no need to repeat that here.The Vinītadeva subcommentary on this passage might be worth consulting, but it is preserved only in Tibetan.

good luck,

Re: QUERY> On the term 阿傍

Dear Dan, and all,

> „assuming all or most of the texts cited above are translations from Indian originals, and that would be a reasonable assumption…”

I am afraid I must disagree. All of the texts you cite are problematic in some way. My database is designed precisely to help with such questions.

T156 is a well documented case of a Chinese composition.