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Lecture: Kenneth Tanaka: Revisioning Shin Buddhist Teachings for Today

With generous support from the Unno Family, the Institute of Buddhist Studies (Berkeley) is pleased to announced the Taitetsu Unno Memorial lecture, to be held on Friday March 19, 2021 via Zoom webinar.

The memorial lecture will be delivered by Dr. Kenneth Tanaka and titled: Revisioning Shin Buddhist Teachings for Today: Thirteen Contributors to a Book, The Tide of Wisdom: Shinran’s Wisdom, Authentic Individuality and Social Engagement.

SYMPOSIUM> "Mindfulness and Human Cognition: Buddhist Studies, Psychology, and Neuroscience", March 10, 2021 (online)


Buddhist meditation is now called mindfulness, sometimes awareness, and is applied in many places. However, the characteristics and problems of meditation are not well understood. In addition, there are some points which we should be careful when actually practicing, but we are not very conscious of them.

SEMINAR> Nanzan Seminar for the Translation of Buddhist Texts -- Zhiyi's Fahua Xuanyi

Dear H-Buddhism subscribers,

The Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture will host the first annual Nanzan Seminar for the Translation of Buddhist Texts beginning in April 2021. The seminar will be held online and meet monthly from April to October.

For this year's seminar, Paul L. Swanson (Senior Research Fellow Emeritus, Nanzan) will discuss his ongoing translation of Zhiyi's Fahua Xuanyi. Participation is limited in number, but open to anyone with experience in reading Chinese Buddhist texts and an interest in Tiantai Buddhism.