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IABS> Call for session reports

Dear Colleagues,

There are three H-Buddhism editors in attendance at IABS 2017 who are aiming to write summaries of the sessions that they attend. But we will only be able to cover a small portion of sessions, so we warmly invite session summaries from any of you who can take the time to jot something down, in lesser or greater detail, anything you can offer.


Charles Muller

Charles DiSimone

Louis Doney


Vinaya Studies (Bhikkhu Anālayo)

Dear Colleagues,

The Āgama Research Group is happy to announce the publication of a volume of collected papers of Vinaya studies by Bhikkhu Anālayo:

Anālayo, Vinaya Studies (Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts Research Series, 7), Taipei: Dharma Drum Publishing Co., 2017.

Kindly note that the publisher, Dharma Drum Publishing Co., is connected to but independent from the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts. The book is available for sale through their website or via the distributor BibliaImpex.