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NEW JOURNAL ISSUE> Publication of Buddhist Studies Review 33, nos 1-2, 2016- special issue on Reuse and Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhist Texts


Buddhist Studies Review: Journal of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies, Volume 33, Numbers 1–2 December 2016

                                                        Reuse and Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhist Texts

                                                         Guest editors Cathy Cantwell, Elisa Freschi and Jowita Kramer

CFP> The Third International Conference On the Wutai Cult

Dates: August 8-11, 2017

Mount Clear and Cool and the Buddhāvatasaka Sūtra:
Multidisciplinary, Inter-cultural, and Interreligious Studies of the Mañjuśrī Cult, Mount Wutai, and the Buddhāvatasaka Sūtra

Primary Sponsor:    The Wutai International Institute of Buddhism and East Asian Cultures