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SUMMER PROGRAM> Ganhwa Seon Retreat

Ganhwa Seon Retreat


Pilgrimage to Traditional Seon Monasteries

Ganhwa Seon Retreat and Pilgrimage to Traditional Seon Monasteries will be held by the International Seon Center and the Institute for the Study of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism at Dongguk University from 29th of June to 5th of July, 2017. We ask for your vigorous participation. Please fill out the sheet and return it to.

I. Ganhwa Seon Retreat

RESOURCE> Silence (沈黙): A bibliography of reviews

Dear Colleagues, 

a bibliography of academic reviews of the movie "Silence" (persecution of Christianity in Edo Japan) is being built up under the following link:


So far, the bibliography contains one review in French, two in German, and only one (my own) in English.


WORKSHOP> “The Future of Digital Texts in South Asian Studies / A SARIT Workshop”, IKGA, Vienna, May 22-24, 2017

Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to ``The Future of Digital Texts
in South Asian Studies / A SARIT Workshop'', to be held from the 22 to
the 24 of May, 2017, in Vienna at the Austrian Academy of Science’s
Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia (IKGA).

The workshop aims to explore the current state of digital texts in the
field of Indology, with a particular focus on historical studies,
critical editing, and computational linguistics.