H-Borderlands is the H-Net home for global borderlands historians.  Originally a forum for scholars of the US-Mexico borderlands, it has grown to a wider community of researchers of continental and global border regions.  We welcome transnational historians and scholars in many different disciplines who study historical and contemporary borderlands and border issues.

Recent Content

Articles of interest in Journal of the West

The recent Journal of the West , 56.4. (Fall 2017) is a special issue on "Settler Colonialism and the American West," edited by Dr. Janne Lahti (University of Helsinki). It contains several articles that might be of interest to borderlands scholars. These include:

Janne Lahti, Introduction: What is Settler Colonialism and What It Has to Do with the American West?

Margaret D. Jacobs, Reproducing White Settlers and Eliminating Natives: Settler Colonialism, Gender, and Family History in the American West

Mar. 27 Boston Seminar on Modern American Society and Culture

Boston Seminar on Modern American Society and Culture at the Massachusetts Historical Society

Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 5:15 PM                                                                                               

John Bezís-Selfa, Wheaton College
La Villanía Arizoniana: Disenfranchisement, Citizenship, and Defining the Body Politic in the Early 20th-Century US-Mexico Borderlands
Comment: Alex Keyssar, Harvard Kennedy School