H-Borderlands is the H-Net home for global borderlands historians.  Originally a forum for scholars of the US-Mexico borderlands, it has grown to a wider community of researchers of continental and global border regions.  We welcome transnational historians and scholars in many different disciplines who study historical and contemporary borderlands and border issues.

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Call for panelists: "Sovereignty in Practice: Local Defenses of Native Land" at Ethnohistory 2017

I am seeking participants for a panel at Ethnohistory in October 2017 (Winnipeg). Titled “Sovereignty in Practice: Local Defenses of Native Land,” this panel will include geographically and temporally diverse papers that explore local negotiations over Native territory and sovereignty. While sovereignty is often seen as a matter of recognition by high-level federal or imperial authorities, Native territorial and political integrity is also produced, claimed, and defended at the local level.

Call for Manuscripts: Global Southeast Asian Diasporas: Memory, Movement, and Modernities across Hemispheres (Brill)

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