H-Borderlands is the H-Net home for global borderlands historians.  Originally a forum for scholars of the US-Mexico borderlands, it has grown to a wider community of researchers of continental and global border regions.  We welcome transnational historians and scholars in many different disciplines who study historical and contemporary borderlands and border issues.

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Jacob Blanc, Frederico Freitas, eds.
Benjamin Nobbs-Thiessen

Nobbs-Thiessen on Blanc and Freitas, 'Big Water: The Making of the Borderlands between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay'

Jacob Blanc, Frederico Freitas, eds. Big Water: The Making of the Borderlands between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2018. Maps. 344 pp. $55.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-8165-3714-3.

Reviewed by Benjamin Nobbs-Thiessen (Washington State University) Published on H-Borderlands (August, 2018) Commissioned by Maria de los Angeles Picone (Emory University)

CFPapers Transnational Chinese Passages and the Global Making of Frontiers, Borderlands, and Borders 

Theme Issue of the Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d’histoire

In a lecture delivered in 2004, Philip Kuhn argued, “Chinese emigrants have been, and still are, participating in a five-century process of building ‘frontier enclaves,’ places in which special rules allow Chinese and foreign business to develop unhindered by the bureaucracies and the ideologies of the Qing empire and its successor Chinese nation states.”