H-Borderlands is the H-Net home for global borderlands historians.  Originally a forum for scholars of the US-Mexico borderlands, it has grown to a wider community of researchers of continental and global border regions.  We welcome transnational historians and scholars in many different disciplines who study historical and contemporary borderlands and border issues.

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New Books - December/January

Dear all,

I hope you are having a great start of the semester. Find below the new books posted to the H-Net Book Channel in the past two months.

In addition, I will also serve as Revew Editor for our network shortly. If you have any books to suggest or if you want to become a reviewer, please contact us.

Finally, we are still looking for one or two co-editors that can help us manage the network. If you have any questions about workload or ideas, let us know.


Angeles Picone (Co-Editor)

Seeking Panelist for AHA 2019 - Migration, Imperialism, Boundary Making

We are a panel of two advanced doctoral students in history looking for a third to complete our panel for AHA 2019. We hope to find an individual with interests in immigration, border/boundary making, violence, and imperialism. In regards to methods, we seek an individual who considers the place of migrant agency and whose project expands beyond the US. Please email us at the earliest. We look forward to hearing from you.