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Black Women at War: The Shadow King (2019), Cronache dalla polvere (2019), and Intersectional Violence in Contemporary Italy


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For anyone who is interested in Black women's anti-colonial struggles and/or Black women's role in the anti-fascist/anti-colonial resistance in the Ethiopian-Italian wars (I and II), you might be interested in this article I just published in the Journal of Postcolonial Writing special issue on "Intersectional Italy" (guest edited by Caterina Romeo and Giulia Fabbri): 

ANN" New book--Undesirable

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to (somewhat belatedly) announce the publication of Undesirable: Passionate Mobility and Women's Defiance of French Colonial Policing, 1919-1952, by Chicago University Press (Nov. 15, 2022). Below, I've placed the editor's description of my book.

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Archival research into policing and surveillance of migrant women illuminates pressing contemporary issues.