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Below you will find a constantly updated list of newly published books in Australian and New Zealand Studies. The list includes books streaming from the H-Net Book Channel and new book announcements posted to H-ANZAU by subscribers. Next to books are all the announcements and discussions we encourage here. You can find CFPs in the link on the right side of this page, under H-ANZAU Resources.


H-ANZAU is planning to offer new resources for scholars, students and anyone else interested in the history and culture of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, and Oceania in the near future.


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CFC: Greenwood Encyclopedia of the Daily Life of Women

Project Editors are currently seeking contributors for the following "Australia and New Zealand" region topics for the forthcoming Greenwood Encyclopedia of the Daily Life of Women: How They Lived from Ancient Times to the Present. International contributors are especially encouraged, including graduate students.  Entries (1000 words each) should focus on women within the roles listed below for the society noted.