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Re: Eulogy of a death with hint of antisemitism

Dear list members,

in connection to the discussion (on this list, a year ago) about the murder of Jiří Fiedler and his wife, I'd like to inform you that Czech police finally, after a long and complex investigation, identified and arrested the murderer. His motive was robbery, not antisemitism.

In case you can read Czech, have a look at these newspaper reports:


Were elite 1940s liberals closet antisemites?

I just finished reading Philip Wylie's 1942 best-seller,  A Generation of Vipers. It is notorious for its attack on "Mom" but less noted is Wylie's strange view of Jews, views that he shared with noted social psychologists and sociologists associated with Harvard--such men as Henry A. Murray, Gordon Allport, Walter Langer, and Talcott Parsons. Their views regarding Jews, feminized males, Hitler and his mobbish base, and super patriots, were interconnected and were shocking to me.