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INVITATION: Roth Institute, TAU | Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence | Panel Discussion, Art Exhibition & Theater Play | 10-12.7.2017


We cordially invite you to three of our coming events that will take place as part of the international workshop on:

"Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence"


Imploding Societies across the Twentieth Century

High Time Jewish Studies Got Introduced in Indian Academia


Dr Navras Jaat Aafreedi

Both India and Israel are ancient civilisations with trade and cultural relations going back millennia. Both came into existence as modern nation states almost at the same time, separated by just a few months: India in August 1947 and Israel, nine months later, in May 1948. Both have had colonial experience with the British, and in both countries, the most widely practised religion is non-proselytising in nature: Judaism in Israel and Hinduism in India.