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He survived the Shoah to become the oldest living man ... until August 11, 2017

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Ysrael Kristal - ישראל קרישטל‎‎, זיכרו לברכה

He was born to religious Jewish parents in Poland when it was part of the  Russian Empire September 15, 1903. Until he died he was the oldest living Shoah Survivor and the oldest living man in the world. And, one of the 10 oldest men ever!

INVITATION: Roth Institute, TAU | Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence | Panel Discussion, Art Exhibition & Theater Play | 10-12.7.2017


We cordially invite you to three of our coming events that will take place as part of the international workshop on:

"Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence"


Imploding Societies across the Twentieth Century