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Re: DISCUSSION: The "killing Jews" ad on buses and subways in New York City

I have seen a number of postings accusing Pamela Geller of sponsoring a hate group. I have written to her asking if she now views all Muslims as terrorists, for until recently, she used the term jihadist (or "savages") to separate moderate Muslims from extremists.

There was a similar flap over subway signs several years ago, and I complained about a Fox anchor evading the issue by invoking political correctness here: http://clarespark.com/2012/09/25/thought-police-on-fox/.

Re: Ad about "Killing Jews"

I find it fascinating that nearly all the online debate focuses not on the quote, but on those who blew the whistle and exposed the quote.

This response is typical, and it's encouraged by global media and academia in incidents that involve Muslims attacking Jews. I have lately been studying the abundant examples that came out during the Israel-Hamas War last summer. It's expressed either as a one-sided critique of the Jewish response which ignores the Muslim initiative, or as an 'even-handed' critique that pronounces the Jews and the Muslims both guilty of racist hatred.