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Re: Ad about "Killing Jews"

I find it elucidating that the New York Times chose to call the American Freedom Defense Initiative a "Pro-Israel" group rather than an "Anti-Muslim" hate group - particularly as it's the American branch of the Stop Islamisation of Europe which, to my mind, has never expressed a pro-Israel stance. Further, other than one or two of its ads expressing pro-Israel sentiments, the vast majority of AFDI campaigns have been focused on 9/11 or terrorism more broadly - indicating that any pro-Israel platform is a minor part of its campaign (if not just a political afterthought).

Re: Ad about "Killing Jews"

This ad was initially planned as one of a series, probably the most provocative in that series, that the American Freedom Defense Initiative was to post. Similar ads have run in other cities. The ad was initially rejected by the NY MTA, and the group sued, with the Federal judge's decision coming down on the side of free speech. The NYT has been covering their activities, and ran a piece on this decision on April 21st.