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CfP Researcher Positionality in American Studies

Call for Papers
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
African American History / Studies, American History / Studies, Asian American History / Studies, Chicana/o History / Studies, Native American History / Studies

 Knowledge and research is situated; particularly as European Scholars in the field of American Studies, we are often acutely aware of our own position in relation to our research. Our nationality, gender, race, religion, sexuality, or class informs the objects that we study, the methodologies we use, and our findings. Indeed, the awareness of positionality has been growing in recent American sociopolitical discourse, often accompanying the rise of identity politics and marginalised groups speaking back to the dominant culture.

Caribbean Science/Speculative Fiction (S/F) Symposium

Call for Papers
November 23, 2018
Subject Fields: 
Literature, Atlantic History / Studies, Humanities

The Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literatures at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill is inviting papers that explore themes related to Caribbean speculative fiction. The last two decades have seen an increase in the publication of SF works by Caribbean writers who bring a Caribbean sensibility to a genre that has been steadily gaining global academic recognition.

H-Net reviews posted to the web 04 Jun 2018 - 11 Jun 2018

Home Office Notices (Jobs, Reviews)

The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
04 Jun 2018 and 11 Jun 2018.

Reviewed for H-War by Bradley Cesario
   Melton, George E..  _From Versailles to Mers el-Kébir: The
   Promise of Anglo-French Naval Cooperation, 1919-40_.  Washington,
   DC: Naval Institute Press, 2015.  288 pp.  $42.95, ISBN 978-1-

H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report for H-Announce: 4 June - 11 June

Home Office Notices (Jobs, Reviews)
June 11, 2018
Subject Fields: 
African American History / Studies, African History / Studies, American History / Studies, Ancient History, Anthropology
H-Net Job Guide

The following jobs were posted to the H-Net Job Guide from 4 June 2018 to 11 June 2018. These job postings are included here based on the categories selected by the list editors for H-Announce. See the H-Net Job Guide website at for more information. To contact the Job Guide, write to or call +1-517-432-5134 between 9 am and 5 pm US Eastern time.