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2018 Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visit

Dear H-Animal Members,
We're still accepting participants for the 2018 Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visit, an interactive webinar event where you can engage with Foer on food, animal, and environmental ethics, as well as related themes covered in his book Eating Animals. This year's event takes place Wednesday, April 4, and there are four sessions to choose from throughout the day. We encourage participation from individuals and organizations within and beyond academia in addition to college and high school classes.

CFP: Session on Animal Migrants at EASA, Stockholm, August 2018

Dear all,

We are please to share this upcoming panel session of ours at the EASA 2018 with you

The panel is titled ‘Double Others? Non-human Migrants and Changing Moral Economies of Hunting’ . It was inspired by how we deal with invasive species, but invites all papers that consider how the landscape conditions the status of animals as legitimate, invaders, native and with what implications.

Anthrozoology Position at Carroll College

My college here in central Montana has a very unique anthrozoology program. The program is very strong, one of the top ten majors at the school, and although it's only 10 years old, is already attracting students from across the country. 

The program is currently hiring a faculty member in canine science and training. The search announcement, however, is quite broad: