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Query: Animal-themed Contemporary Art Exhibitions

I'm wanting to compile a list of significant animal-themed exhibitions of contemporary art that have taken place over the last decade.

The exhibitions need to be curated, and include the work of living, contemporary artists.

I'm not wanting to include exhibitions of historical artists/artworks , nor exhibitions such as wildlife photography.

Details of the name of exhibitions you think would be of interest, such as exhibition title, location and dates would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Call for Applications: Würzburg Summer School for Cultural and Literary Animal Studies (CLAS)

Call for Applications:
33 Scholarships for the
Würzburg Summer School
for Cultural and Literary Animal Studies (CLAS)
Sep 22-Sep 27, 2014, at the University of Würzburg

1. Würzburg Summer School for Cultural and Literary Animal Studies, Funded by VolkswagenStiftung

Query: Sentimentality in Horse Biographies

I am working on a project dealing with sentimentality in animal biographies, specifically horses. I am intrigued by positive treatment of sentimentality, as suggested by Philip Armstrong in his essay, "Cetaceans and Sentiment." I am currently using Man O War by Roger L. Treat and Page Cooper as my primary text, and am using secondary sources such as, Armstrong's writings, "Horse Talk: Horses and Human(e) Discourses" by Hansen, Elizabeth Atwood's anthropological Rodeo text, and Mulvey's writing on the gaze.