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Recent Blogs on H-Net

Getting the Vote in the Mountains

KY Woman Suffrage

            Hi folks! Another week down, and you know what that means, another blog post. For the past couple of weeks, the focus has been primarily on newspapers, and the minutes of the annual Kentucky Equal Rights Association, but for this week I wanted to change it up a little bit. Earlier in the project, I began listening to some oral history interviews with women from Eastern Kentucky regarding their recollections of the suffrage movement and their early days of voting.

Reading More about Writing

Resource Blog

Last summer, Kerrie Holloway wrote a very useful Resource Blog for H-GRAD,  “Reading about Writing.”  Since a few of my favorite books were absent, my blog offers several additions to her suggested reading list. Writing a dissertation is a long process, and along the way it can be useful to stop and review some of the advice that’s out there on effective work habits, efficient writing/reading/researching and navigating personal obstacles.

Tania Darlington Reviews: Stranger Things

Popular Culture Reviews

Stranger Things is a classic science fiction/horror tale of a missing boy and his family’s and friend’s attempts to reconcile the oddities of his disappearance with the eerie activities of a top secret government lab on the outskirts of town. This latest original offering from Netflix is finely crafted to appeal to an audience hungry for 1980s nostalgia, particularly for the classic Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter films of that decade.

Newspapers Part II

KY Woman Suffrage

            Greetings everyone! Another week will soon draw to a close, and that means another update for all of you about what has been going on with the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project in the past few days. Research continues for now, primarily in more newspapers and the Kentucky Equal Rights Association minutes. I have found looking through the newspaper particularly enjoyable, as they have a great deal of variety and often contain fun quotes or images. A few papers in particular stood out to me, and I’m going to share some of those stories with all of you!

No Sounds Are Forbidden - Episode 9 - The Death of Europa: The Rise and Fall of the Inter-War Avant-Garde

No Sounds Are Forbidden

In the ninth episode of No Sounds Are Forbidden, “The Death of Europa: The Rise and Fall of the Inter-War Avant-Garde,” host Matthew Friedman explores the adventurous, and often chaotic street-level avant garde of Central Europe between the World Wars. In Berlin, Prague, and Vienna, radical composers, writers, and critics promoted a new vision of European culture that rejected the "immutable truths" of the Anciens Regimes.