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2015-16 Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society

Scholars who are no more than three years beyond receipt of the doctorate are invited to apply for the 2015-16 Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship, a year-long residential fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. The purpose of the post-dissertation fellowship is to provide the recipient with time and resources to extend research and/or to revise the dissertation for publication. Any topic relevant to the Society's library collections and programmatic scope, and coming from any field or disciplinary background, is eligible.

REPLY: Social Gospel Theology of Scripture

If you haven't looked already you might want to check Gary Dorrien's work to get your bearings with this. Social Ethics in the Making, the second volume of The Making of American Liberal Theology and Soul in Society all deal with Social Gospel. If I recall, they do a good job of examining the positions of these figures in relation to developments in historical criticism. That might lead you to more primary sources. 

CFP: U.S. Catholic Historian -- Empire: Global Expansion of U.S. Catholicism

Future Issue: 

Empire: Global Expansion of U.S. Catholic Influence

For more than thirty years the U.S. Catholic Historian has published theme-based issues relevant to the history of American Catholicism.  An upcoming issue will address the theme of “Empire.” Contributions could include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Studies of U.S. Catholic participation in “Empire” building: the role of Catholicism in the economic, military, and cultural influence of the U.S. on other countries.

Conference on the Bible in American Life, Indianapolis, August 6-8

From: Philip Goff (pgoff@iupui.edu)

The Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at IUPUI will host the Conference on the Bible in American Life, the culmination of its three year study of how Americans use the Bible in their daily lives, outside religious services. In addition to sixteen sessions, the conference will include a public plenary talk by noted historian Mark Noll on “The Bible: Then and Now.”

Social Gospel Theology of Scripture

Hello all,

I'm looking for sources that might elucidate how late 19th-century Social Gospel theologians understood Scriptural authority, particularly in terms of their focus on social reform. Thus far I've found Washington Gladden's book Who Wrote The Bible and a couple promising sections in Walter Rauschenbusch's A Theology for the Social Gospel, but not much else. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

John Acker

Ohio State University