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Women and Christianity in Latin America/And Topics in Native American Traditions - Reference Articles Wanted

Does anyone have an interest in contributing a short reference article (overview) on the topic of women and Chrisianity in Latin America? The new Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions is 75 percent done, but there are still a few topics in need of authors. This is one of them. If so, please send an email with credentials (any old cv is fine) to Susan de Gaia at sjdegaia@gmail.com

CFP: _U.S. Catholic Historian_ theme issue on Religious Freedom

U.S. Catholic Historian

Future Issue:  

Religious Freedom

For thirty-five years the U.S. Catholic Historian has published theme-based issues relevant to the history of American Catholicism.  An upcoming issue will address the theme of religious freedom. Contributions could include, but are not limited to, studies of the following: