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CFP: U.S. Catholic Historian issue on "Vocations to Ministry: Lay Ministers, Deacons, Sisters, and Priests"

Future Issue of U.S. Catholic Historian: 

Vocations to Ministry: Lay Ministers, Deacons, Sisters, and Priests

For more than thirty years the U.S. Catholic Historian has published theme-based issues relevant to the history of American Catholicism.  An upcoming issue will address the theme of “Vocations to Ministry,” encouraging in particular historical studies of permanent deacons and lay ecclesial ministers in the U.S. Contributions could include, but are not limited to, studies of the following:

John W. Compton
John Young

Young on Compton, 'The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution'

John W. Compton. The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014. 272 pp. $47.50 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-674-72679-6.

Reviewed by John Young (University of Alabama)
Published on H-AmRel (June, 2016)
Commissioned by Bobby L. Smiley