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CFP Ethnohistory--Panel on Law and Conflict in Early America

I am intersted in building a panel for Ethnohistory 2018 that investigates the multiplicty ot law on on the early American frontier, particularly between Euro-American and Native groups.  Possible areas of inquiry might include the intersecting and conflicting Euro-American and Native ideas of justice, theft, retributive and legitimate violence, conceptions of legal vs. illegal/civilized vs.

TOC Journal of the West "Settler Colonialism and the American West"



Journal of the West recently published a theme issue on "Settler Colonialism and the American West", edited by Janne Lahti, University of Helsinki, that contained several articles of interest to those working on Native American history.



Journal of the West 56.4 (Fall 2017)

Settler Colonialism and the American West

Editor: Janne Lahti, University of Helsinki



Janne Lahti