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Re: Cultural Difference in Walking Styles?

The literature on Mohawk Iron Workers suggests that this gait makes them adept for walking on girders while doing this work. The most recent publication on these men that I am aware of is:

Einhorn, Arthur. 1999. Warriors of the Sky: Iroquois Iron Workers. European review of Native American studies Vol. 13, no. 1, p. 25-34.

Thomas S. Abler

Re: QUERY: Native Americans and political participation

I think you would find the following books helpful:

Native Activism in Cold War America: the Stuggle for Sovereignty by Daniel Cobb; and Beyond Red Power: American Indian Politics and Activism since 1900, an edited collection by Daniel Cobb and Loretta Fowler

Re: Cultural Difference in Walking Styles?

That's a fascinating question and I'd love to know what you find. Sorry I can't recommend much other than Mauss, whose discussions of walking as a learned behavior, in "Techniques of the body", is a classic in anthropology. He's an ancestor of modern anthropology and sociology; even though he was mainly an armchair anthropologist he was deeply fascinated with American peoples so his writings may well have references that are relevant. Not sure, but check his "Techniques of the body" which has been reprinted a lot of times from the original text (Mauss, Marcel. 1934. Les techniques du corps, Journal de Psychologie 32, nos. 3-4); in English, you have it translated in many places, f ex in: Techniques, technology and civilisation / Marcel Mauss ; edited and introduced by Nathan Schlanger.

Cultural Difference in Walking Styles?

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for primary and secondary sources that shed light on how Native Americans and Europeans/Euro-Americans over the centuries have perceived differences in Native and European styles of walking. 

Re: QUERY: Native Americans and political participation

My own research has been New York based, so I would suggest any of Laurence Hauptman’s books on the Haudenosaunee. I would also suggest Rosen’s American Indians and State Law.