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Welcome to H-AmIndian, a joint project between Arizona State University and H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. H-AmIndian provides a forum for scholars, academicians, and Native peoples to consider the history, culture, ideas and events relating to Indigenous peoples from the North Pole to Mexico.

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The Filson Historical Society Fellowships and Internships

While this fellowship is not directly tied to Native American Studies, some of you working on the Indigenous peoples of the Ohio Valley might be interested in this grant. 

Katherine Osburn, Editor.

The Filson Historical Society

Filson Fellowships & Internships Deadline: February 15, 2017

ESSAY PRIZE REMINDER: British Association for American Studies & Adam Matthew Digital – DEADLINE 20th January 2017

The British Association for American Studies is pleased to announce the second Adam Matthew Digital essay prize consisting of £500 plus one-year’s access to one Adam Matthew Digital archival collection chosen by the author. Prize-winning essays will be offered publication in US Studies Online: the Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Network and Blog.

CFP Panel on #VastEarlyAmerica (Strasbourg, France, June 2017)

Dear colleagues,

Please find in this e-mail a CFP for a panel on Vast Early America for the French Association of American Studies this June 2017 (6-9), in Strasbourg, France. Contact us as quickly as possible if interested !

All our wishes for the New Year

Emmanuelle Perez Tisserant (emmanuelle.perez-tisserant@univ-tlse2.fr)