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QUERY: Crusoe and Colonialism

Colonist Philip Thicknese was to write of his brief experiences in Georgia in the following manner:

     In one of my frequent woodland excursions, and about four miles          from Savanha, I found a fertile piece of ground, upon the banks of a      rapid Creek . . . I built a wooden, not an iron house thereon, and            there I passed much of my time; my gun supplied me with squirrels,        wild fowl, &c. and the town only, with rice, to boil by way of bread,        the Indians sometimes visited my Island for a day or two, and then I      had plenty of venison, which they boil’d down, and eat dipped in wild      honey, this was a true Robinson Crusoe line of life. 

Re: Suggestions for course textbok please!

Rather than have your students spend money on a new textbook, why not assemble selected readings from your library’s databases?  As an example, I pulled these three articles from America: History and Life with Full Text.  There is a great deal of relevant material, both topical and timely, that could be integrated into your course.


Hakansson, C. G. (2011). The Removal of Indians from Indian Reservations: Past and Present. New England Journal Of History, 67(2), 72-81.

Re: Suggestions for course textbok please!

I used Edmunds and Hoxie's "The People," (http://amzn.to/1rl7OHy) but ended up going back to Calloway's First Peoples the next time around. I like First Peoples and students have responded well to it. The other one was just too expensive. I  have used Hurtado's Major Problems (http://amzn.to/1rl7Zmf) as well. I have had great success using that series in variety of courses (West as well), but you have to navigate around some of the chapters/essays that often vary in quality.


Brenden W. Rensink, Ph.D.



Re: Suggestions for course textbok please!

Native Voices is also a great text that, while 10 years old, still addresses many contemporary issues such as treaty rights: