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Re: Suggestions for course textbok please!

Native Voices is also a great text that, while 10 years old, still addresses many contemporary issues such as treaty rights:


Suggestions for course textbok please!

I am a historian who has teaches a course called "Native American Cultures."  I have been using Calloway's First Peoples for many years (since 2000) and before that I used Arnold Krupat, ed., Native American Autobiography: An Anthology as well as Major Problems in American Indian History but I want to reorganize the course to examine more contemporary issues (as well as their historical roots). 

In recent years, we'll read and discuss 19th century treaties and then we'll watch a movie like "American Outrage," which carries the discussion of treaty rights into the present, or we'll examine contemporary battles over fishing rights in the PNW, etc...

Re: Cultural Difference in Walking Styles?

The literature on Mohawk Iron Workers suggests that this gait makes them adept for walking on girders while doing this work. The most recent publication on these men that I am aware of is:

Einhorn, Arthur. 1999. Warriors of the Sky: Iroquois Iron Workers. European review of Native American studies Vol. 13, no. 1, p. 25-34.

Thomas S. Abler

Re: QUERY: Native Americans and political participation

I think you would find the following books helpful:

Native Activism in Cold War America: the Stuggle for Sovereignty by Daniel Cobb; and Beyond Red Power: American Indian Politics and Activism since 1900, an edited collection by Daniel Cobb and Loretta Fowler