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Sam Bardaouil
Riad Kherdeen

Kherdeen on Bardaouil, 'Surrealism in Egypt: Modernism and the Art and Liberty Group'

Sam Bardaouil. Surrealism in Egypt: Modernism and the Art and Liberty Group. London: I. B. Tauris, 2017. Illustrations. 320 pp. $38.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-78453-651-0.

Reviewed by Riad Kherdeen (University of California, Berkeley) Published on H-AMCA (August, 2018) Commissioned by Sarah Dwider (Northwestern University)


There are few histories as entangled as ‘global fashion’ in terms of crafting identities, negotiating change, developing technologies and making communities. Diverse ‘world’ fashion histories have often remained largely undocumented, outside of global fashion histories, or framed as traditional, ethnic and/or unchanging; that is, stereotyped and stigmatized as non-fashion.

CFP: Circulation - Trans Asia Photography Review (Spring '19)

The Trans Asia Photography Review seeks articles and projects relating to the theme of Circulation for possible publication in our spring 2019 issue. We are interested in the ways that photographs have circulated to, from and within all regions of Asia. What have been the consequences of this circulation? How have historic platforms for the circulation of photographs (books, periodicals, exhibitions and catalogs, websites, collections, informal networks…) changed over time?