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Re: NACBS 2018 Panel Proposal: Intelligence and Information Gathering in Early Modern Britain

[My apologies for posting this so late. There was a mixup at our end. -- RBG]

Dear all,

Due to a couple of dropouts I am still looking for a participant for a panel at this year's NACBS on intelligence and information gathering in early modern Britain. If you are interested in contributing to this panel , please email me at


Lorna Hutson
Gregory Kneidel

Kneidel on Hutson, 'The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700'

Lorna Hutson. The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. 720 pp. $150.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-19-966088-9.

Reviewed by Gregory Kneidel (University of Connecticut) Published on H-Albion (March, 2018) Commissioned by Jeffrey R. Wigelsworth (Red Deer College)

CFP: Third Panel Member for SCBS Conference (Gender/Sexuality)


Our names are Kimberly Kent and Megan Groninger and we are both graduate students at Florida State University. We are currently looking for a third member to complete our prospective panel for the SCBS this year (Birmingham, Nov. 9-10); tentatively titled: Private Agency, Public Lives. The primary goal of our panel is to explore the diverse ways that English women at every class level negotiated public and private agency in the 18th and 19th century; in part through a manipulation of spaces they themselves constructed.