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English Nationalism and Brexit

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Over at H-Nationalism, we have a recent post discussing "English Nationalism and Brexit" by Dr. Ben Wellings of Monash University. I know this may be of interest to many of you, so I wanted to send a quick note your way and welcome you to read and comment on the post. As with all H-Net groups, make sure to subscribe to H-Nationalism if you want to comment. 

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23rd Lewis Walpole Library Lecture: "Pride, Prejudice, and Portraits: The Rice Portrait of Jane Austen" by Claudia L. Johnson, April 4, 5:30 pm

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"Pride, Prejudice, and Portraits: The Rice Portrait of Jane Austen" by Claudia L. Johnson

April 4, 5:30 pm

Yale Center for British Art Lecture Hall

1080 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06511

CFP: NACBS 2018 Panel: Popular Fiction and Representations of Politics and Empire in Britain, 1850-1950

Hello All,

We have two presenters and are looking for a panellist and a commentator to contribute to an interdisciplinary panel based on the theme of fiction and representations of politics and empire in nineteenth/twentieth century Britain. 

My colleague and I are both PhD students at the University of Bristol. We have attached an abstract below for any interested participants. Those interested can contact us at the following addresses and