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CFP: SCIENTIAE 2019 (6.12-15; 12.30) - Second Call

This is the second call for papers for the 2019 Scientiae conference: to be held at Queen’s University, Belfast, June 12th-15th. (Proposal deadline: December 30th.)

Scientiae is the interdisciplinary conference on intellectual culture, 1400-1800. It is centred on, but not limited to, developments in the early-modern natural sciences. Philosophers, historians, literary scholars and others are invited to share their perspectives on this vital period. Belfast 2019 will be our 8th annual meeting.

Persistent errors on Wikipedia

Hello all,

I'm starting a research note on a persistent error in a Wikipedia article on an historical subject.

This error seems to have come out of nowhere. I've reviewed thousands of pages of documents relating to this topic, and I have no idea where people got this particular misconception: it seems to have no basis in either academic or popular history.

It's been corrected, but keeps coming back, and has now persisted for so long that it's creeping into scholarly work.