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Re: The Anglo-American Legal Tradition

This is a very under-publicised resource. Thank you for giving it space. The organisers and contributors are working long and painful days photographing and can only be using their nights to sort, label and post. They just don't do publicity. There is a twitter account @AALTnews but it is nothing but statistics. I think that there could be a very productive conference on research from the images on AALT, if anybody is in a position to host it.

Anglican Prayer Beads

Hello my name is Jennifer Egloff.  I am a PhD candidate in NYU's History Department, and I am in the process of finishing my dissertation, "The Cultural Life of Numbers in the Early Modern English Atlantic."  I am very interested in finding out more information about Anglican prayer beads, and their connection with the Catholic rosary.  I know that Anglican prayer beads exist, but I am having trouble finding any information regarding when, why, and how they were introduced, and how they are used.

CFP: Seeking one more panelist for panel on gender, class, and citizenship for NACBS 2015

I am putting together a panel focused on the intersections of gender, class, and citizenship in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain and Empire for the North American Conference on British Studies to be held in Little Rock, Arkansas on 13-15 of November 2015. 

If interested please email a short explanation of the paper and its title to