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Query: Catholic Association,1820s

I am rewriting a chapter on the Catholic Association of 1823-1829 (part of a book project on political mass organizations, c 1820-1850), and I am looking for accounts of the way the Catholic Association functioned on a local (parish) level. How exactly was the Catholic Rent levied by parish priests, how were simultaneous meetings and petitions organized, and what observations did local people (including local magistrates, protestant/catholic clergy, critics) make about the activities of the Catholic Association in the 1820s?

Modern British History Reading Group

The Modern British History Reading Group, formerly affiliated with the IHR, now run from King's College London and Cambridge, hosts three sessions each term to promote informal historical and methodological discussion around a theme arising from a short piece of set reading.

The group also invites experts from within and outside of academia to join in the discussions.

In a post-Covid world, we aim to promote interaction and build relationships by sharing knowledge and stimulating informed conversations.

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ESSAY PRIZE for any topic relating to Scottish History

A reminder of The ESHSS Essay Prize!

The Economic & Social History Society of Scotland is proud to once again share news of its ESHSS Essay Prize. 

Winning entries will be awarded the sum of £250 and be considered for publication within the Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, which is produced for the Society by Edinburgh University Press