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Re: delirium tremens in 1860

If it is of interest, I would be happy to let you have (probably better off-list) a couple of dozen references to the use of the Turkish bath in connection with alcoholism. They date from 1859 to 1898, mostly originating from Britain but with a couple from Australia. Most, but not all, suggest that the use of the bath takes up the time otherwise spent in the public house.
Two samples might help indicate whether any of these would be helpful.

1. From 'Thermae antiquae redivivae' (Dublin University Magazine, Jan 1861).
An anonymous doctor maintains that the Turkish bath can assist in 'cases of slow poisoning' by substances found in food or taken medicinally, and,
    'By the same means, under this head, is included alcoholic

delirium tremens in 1860

Dear H-Albion,

I write to ask for insight on a research problem that's new to me. I’m working on a nineteenth-century man whose cause of death is listed on his death certificate as delirium tremens. As I understand it, delirium tremens is a reaction to complete withdrawal from alcohol by someone whose body is used to heavy drinking. So this means that he apparently stopped drinking quite suddenly, and then died of the side-effects of withdrawal, which today is unusual but not unheard of.

Thatcher's International Influence


I have recently been asked to lead a group of students at my university in Prague, researching into the reception of Thatcher and her views in Czech discourse from the 1980s to contemporary times. By training I am an early modernist, and really only know about Thatcher and her times in broad terms. Therefore, I would be very grateful if subscribers could point me to any works which deal with the issue of Thatcher’s international impact – political, social, economic and so on.

Many thanks for any help,

Gerald Power, PhD