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TOC: the Spring 2016 Issue (16.2) of JEMCS

The following is the Table of Contents for the Spring 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.


"Cruisy Historicism: Sartorial Extravagance and Public Sexual Culture in Ben Jonson’s Every Man Out of His Humour" by James M. Bromley

"Desiring Castrates, or How to Create Disabled Social Subjects" by Katherine Crawford

CERCLES Book Reviews (July 2016)

The CERCLES team (University of Rouen, France) is pleased to announce its regular series of reviews of books on the English-speaking world.

Of particular interest to H-Albion subscribers in the July 2016 series :


Clive Aslet, The Age of Empire : Britain’s Imperial Architecture from 1880-1930 (London: Aurum Press, 2015)

—Reviewed by G.A. Bremner, University of Edinburgh

CFP (Conference): Migrant Historiography: A Conference Marking the Contribution of Colin Holmes University of Southampton, 5 and 6 September 2016


Migrant Historiography: A Conference Marking the Contribution of Colin Holmes 

University of Southampton

5 and 6 September 2016

Britain has largely been in denial of its migrant past - it is often suggested that the arrivals after 1945 represent a new phenomenon and not the continuation of a much longer and deeper trend. There is also an assumption that Britain is a tolerant country towards minorities that distinguishes itself from the rest of Europe and beyond.