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Recent and Forthcoming Books in British, Irish, and British Imperial History 4/13/15

Dear H-Albion members,


This is the eighth listing of new and forthcoming books concerning British, Irish, and British Imperial History. Please continue to send me details about your recent and forthcoming publications to so that I can include them in future posts.


Thank you very much,

Laurie Fancher

WCBS panel on local ‘Body Politic/s’

I am seeking panelists or to join a panel for the WCBS conference in Austin this October (more info about the conference can be found here: The theme for the conference is 'Body Politic/s'. I would like to focus a panel on local politics. My paper is over the caucus and its implementation on the local politics on late-Victorian Edinburgh. The deadline of 30th April is fast approaching! Please contact me if you are interested:


Kyle Thompson

"Finding Margaret Morice" by Dr. Deborah Simonton on NACBS Blog

I ‘met’ Margaret Morice in 1998. I had just finished writing A History of European Women’s Work.[1] Needing to get into some real primary research and since I was working at Aberdeen University, I asked myself the fairly simple question, ‘What kind of work were women doing in eighteenth-century Aberdeen?’ It was provoked by a number of factors, curiosity not being the least of them.