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The Igbo Conference: Memory Culture and Community, SOAS, 21st April 2018

This one-day international conference on 21st April at SOAS, University of London, will provide a platform to discuss Igbo heritage studies and modes of documenting the past. The ‘Memory, Culture and Community’ conference seeks to promote the creation, management and use of records and archives, highlighting the need to preserve the archival heritage of people of Igbo descent around the world, through the sharing of experiences, research and ideas.

Languages Query: "soccer"

Dear Colleagues,

I am co-writing a book on the history of soccer/association football with Stefan Szymanski, specifically about the names used for the game. We're having a difficult time finding the correct words in many of the main African (non-euro-colonial) languages, and I would be so grateful if you could help us fill in as many blanks as possible. Due to FIFA's hold on the game, the official term is almost always football or a calque or loan word, but there's a wealth of words actually in use in everyday conversations -- can you help?


Thank you so much, Silke

CFP for ALA 2018: War, Migration & Eastern Africa

War and migration in eastern Africa often produce remarkable narratives from both adults and children alike. This panel will focus on the ways in which war and migration have impacted storytelling, in the form of folktales, novels, memoirs, and nonfiction, in eastern Africa. It will seek to understand what kinds of narratives are produced by both children and adults who are affected by conflict and displacement. What kinds of theoretical approaches can be used to analyze such texts?  What impact do such texts have on the global community?