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BLOG: Janet Remmington and Nicklas Hållén 'Africa Travels, Africa Writes'

Africa Travels, Africa Writes: Notes on African Intellectual Mobilities.

Africa in Words Guests Janet Remmington and Nicklas Hållén discuss a recent colloquium on African Intellectual Mobilities at the University of York, UK, and its seminar series Finding Africa, in conjunction with Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Linnaeus University, Sweden.

BLOG: Review: Alex Mvuka Ntung’s autobiography Not My Worst Day by Rebecca Jones

Ntung’s book implicitly confronts the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative with these accounts of appalling hardship and violence; the title of the book, Not My Worst Day, comes from a story he recalls being told as a child, in which a Little Lamb who encounters many dangers is consoled by a Lion who tells him: