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Recommended by Films for the Feminist Classroom - AGAINST THE GRAIN

"Resisting a chronological representation of testosterone’s effect on the body, this film allows students to think through the disjunctures between medical and spiritual/affective approaches to transition. This film sets up a number of questions related to the medicalization of trans experience, the relationships between women and transmen in political organizing, and the differing perspectives on trans embodiment across different cultures/epistemes/cosmologies."

C. Riley Snorton, Films for the Feminist Classroom


AUDRE LORDE - THE BERLIN YEARS 1984 TO 1992 Recommended by Films for the Feminist Classroom

"The film works through the following question: what can we learn from our connected differences? It thus implores spectators to complicate difference and challenge the ways in which neoliberal multiculturalism has flattened, and often sought to tame, Lorde’s radical teachings."

Naimah Petigny, Films for the Feminist Classroom


Manthia Diawara’s ROUCH IN REVERSE and AN OPERA OF THE WORLD featured on Cinergie Journal


"Diawara’s subjective documentary film, Rouch in Reverse, critiques the practice of the foremost French cinematic ethnographer, Jean Rouch, and ethnography in colonial West Africa more generally, by bringing an explicitly counter-ethnographic lens to bear."

--Julia Watson, Cinergie Journal