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Re: Film on the Pro-Democracy Movement in Nigeria Nominated for African Movie Academy Award

Ms Aquilino
It is well-known that if something is regularly and publicly repeated without challenge often enough it becomes accepted as established fact. Amy Aquilino states: 'Nigeria's most marginalised population: women'.

It has become a recurrent feature of certain feminists agit-prop to make fantastic statements 'all in a good cause'. However the truth matters.

I have heard this statement made in various parts of Africa and US , mostly by white women. Consider some recent examples of western feminist agit-prop:

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Film on the Pro-Democracy Movement in Nigeria Nominated for African Movie Academy Award

Hi All,

In exciting news, THE SUPREME PRICE is nominated for Best Documentary at the African Movie Academy Awards. I am attaching some information about this film that might be of interest to you:

THE SUPREME PRICE http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c881.shtml

CFP: Fall 2015 SERSAS Conference, 2-3 October, College of Charleston, SC

From:  Simon Lewis, College of Charleston, SC <lewiss@cofc.edu>
Date:  11 June 2015

"Making Democracy Real"

Fall 2015 SERSAS Conference

2-3 October 2015

College of Charleston, Charleston SC

Hosted by the College of Charleston

This year's ASA conference theme is "The State and Study of Africa."

The Fall 2015 SERSAS Conference invites participants to offer analysis not of the state in general but of the degree to which African nations have been able to realize promises of democracy.