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CFP: Postamble (University of Cape Town)


Buoyed by discussions that have been circulating in African Studies and
elsewhere in the Humanities, we want to stimulate modes of
knowledge-production that challenge disciplinary boundaries. In addition,
we want to investigate whether th​ese​ challenges​ constitute transformation and, 
if so, what the consequences of that transformation might be.

We invite submissions that engage critically with these (or other) debates
around transdisciplinarity and transformation and the Humanities, or else,​

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Connecticut College - Visiting Assistant Professor Religious 
Histories of the Americas

African Slavery in Iran, 1830-1930

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year.
At the moment I am working on a photo exhibition with regard to “African Slavery in Iran, 1830-1930”. This exhibition will be held in “Association Mémoire de l'Outre-mer” in Nantes, France April-May 2015. My approach in this project is visual/social anthropology and visual historiography.

I am trying to circulate this exhibition as much as it possible and am seeking possible collaborations. Interested individuals can contact me off list.  

Yours truly,
P. Khosronejad