Welcome to H-AfrArts, Expressive Cultures of Africa. H-AfrArts is composed of two parts, a discussion list and a web site cosponsored by Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine (H-Net) and the Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA). Its content focuses on the expressive cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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CFPublication: Figurative Sculpture of the African Diaspora

The International Review of African American Art (IRAAA) seeks scholarly articles, interviews, essays, book and exhibition reviews, and any documents that engage with figurative sculpture of the African Diaspora.  From the sensual feminine figures of Elizabeth Catlett to the recent photo-led bronze casts of Hank Willis Thomas, the human body continues to be a potent source of artistic inspiration.

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Kalamazoo College - Visiting Instructor in Swahili (part-time)

Subject: Call for ACASA Newsletter items (Deadline May 15)

The Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA) is inviting members to submit items for the Spring/Summer 2015 association newsletter (Deadline May 15). Items may include announcements for conferences and symposia, calls for papers and proposals, exhibitions, current publications and resources, member news, and upcoming events.