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Press Release: African Museums & Heritage Restitution – Musées africains et Restitution des patrimoines

African Museums & Heritage Restitution – Musées africains et Restitution des patrimoines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Nairobi—9 September 2021

AFRIMUHERE is born! African Museums & Heritage Restitution, an international non-governmental organization (INGO), headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, is now representing cultural communities and museum and heritage professionals in all African countries in the struggle for the restitution of heritage to achieve decolonization and cultural justice for all.

Query: History of Benin bronze plaque display at British Museum

Dear colleagues,

I am familiar with the way the Benin bronze plaques are currently displayed at the British Museum (below image from Wiki commons), but am hoping someone can point me to some sources that address how they were displayed at that institution in the 1960s, if differently. Specifically, I want to learn how a visitor to the museum in 1964 would have seen the plaques on display.