H-Adjunct is an open, inter-disciplinary forum for issues involving adjunct, part-time and temporary faculty at universities, colleges and community colleges. All faculty members, no matter their status, and all interested persons are encouraged to join and contribute.

Here are links to other sites addressing Adjunct and Contingent faculty issues:

The Adjunct Commuter Weekly   An online magazine for Adjuncts

Organization of American Historians Statement on Collective Bargaining and Part-Time, Adjunct, and Contingent History Faculty

The New Faculty Majority

COCAL (Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor)

The Adjunct Project (Compare your salary to those listed here)

Coaliton on the Academic Workforce (CAW)

CAW's Portrait of Part-Time Faculty Members


Process  A Blog by the Organization of American Historians often on issues relevant to Adjunct Faculty.


Recent Content


Give a listen to this NPR report on the faculty strike at the Univ. of Illinois. Of particular interest is the issue of adequate pay for adjuncts, a goal supported by tenured and nontenured faculty alike.

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