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Re: The Adjunct Is In. But Is She Getting Paid?

Interesting comment on the article.  Nothing like beating someone who is already down.  And nothing said regarding the American Federation of Teachers?  Really, now.  At the Los Angeles Community College District office time pay and office space (usually shared with one or two others, but there's a phone and computer, plus shelf space), all negotiated by AFT Local 1521.  It's insulting to accuse someone who is trying to survive by telling that person to go work in a factory.

Re: The Adjunct Is In. But Is She Getting Paid?

You're second tier faculty?   Your students are second tier?   Wow!   Clearly you are right about the first and you ought to be terminated for the second.   I am hoping that your department chair read this article and that you've gotten your last contract from Cape Cod Community College.   You want it all spelled out in a contract?   And you want to be compensated for every moment of your time?   Have you ever thought that perhaps you've picked the wrong line of work?   Hmmm, ok I will admit the 'private space' issue was challenging when I taught face to face as an adjunct.  Folks got used